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IAS is promoted by a team of experts in Artificial Intelligence, Business Intelligence, Data Warehouse and many other areas of software industry.

Dr Manu Ahluwalia (manu.ahluwalia@iasoln.com)

Dr. Manu Ahluwalia is the Founder and director (Technology) at Intelligent Analytic Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (www.iasoln.com), New Delhi. He has a PhD from UK and has worked on Data Mining techniques using Genetic Programming. His work involves implementation of Data Mining technology and Business Intelligence solutions in various sectors. He focuses on the technical aspects & Research of the Technology to be used for Projects and tools development in IAS. He Leads a team of AI experts for the development of AI Engine- in the key areas of Development, Training, Documentation and Technical Writing.

At Intelligent Analytic Solutions Pvt. Ltd. New Delhi, He is:

  • Developing Context Based Search Engine Technology.

  • Artificial Intelligence & Business Intelligence Technology.

  • E-Learning Systems.

He Has collaborated with Dr Larry Bull on various data mining techniques, which also involved implementation of Classifier Systems. http://www.cems.uwe.ac.uk/~lbull

Dr Manu Ahluwalia has specializations in:

  • Artificial Intelligence, Genetic Programming, Machine Learning, Pattern Recognition.

  • Statistical Analysis, Various Clustering Methods, Association Rules, Decision Trees, Genetic Algorithms, Neural Networks.

  • Parallel Processing and Distributed Systems.

He has Previously worked as Scientist, Applied Predictive Technology, Virginia.
Worked as a Scientist, Intelligent Computer Systems Centre Bristol U.K.
Worked as a CTO, Intelligent Computing Group, Kolkata

Mr. Sharad Saxena

Mr. Sharad Saxena is the founder, Chief Operations Officer and Director (Operations) of Intelligent Analytic Solutions PVT LTD. He is an Electronics graduate from SGSITS, Indore (M.P.), having 20+ years of experience in IT Industry. He has published two papers in the area of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, in India and had won first prize in Tryst’88. He focuses on the training, methodology, development, implementation of desired Technology and day-to-day operations in IAS. He Leads the teams for the implementation of Products & Projects developed and day-to-day operations.

Mr. Saxena has worked with IIT Delhi, Softek & TCS (Tata Consultancy Services) Delhi:

  • Managed several projects using C, C++, Tuxedo, Corba, MS-SQL, VB, PowerBuilder, etc. at various levels of management.

  • Led huge technical teams 100+ (local or distributed at several locations across globe), resolved technical problems / challenges and managed large customer relationships.

  • Last responsibility with TCS was - Regional Manager (South West & Wales), and was stationed at Bristol (U.K.)

  • Has worked with leading brands like NOKIA (Telecom), Lucent (Telecom), Somerfield (Retail), BP (Retail), GE (Appliances, Corporate, Finance & Transportation), Nationwide (Finance), Norwich Union (Finance), Zurich Financial Services (Finance), Atkins (Aviation).

  • Has worked 10+ years aboard in countries – Frances, Switzerland, UK and US

  • Has worked on research projects with Scientists & Professors from IITs & its alliance universities abroad, DRDO, BEL, ISRO, NPL

Mr J.S. Bawa

Mr. J.S Bawa is the Advisor to Intelligent Analytic Solutions PVT LTD. He is a qualified Electrical Engineer with 40+ years of experience in diverse areas of Engineering and Technology. He Focuses on identification of Market Sectors based on the Technology desired by the Industries for IAS’ projects & products. He leads a team for Discovery of new Market Segments, Services and Areas of imparting training and building courses. His past assignments were Advisor to Lucent Technologies Inc., Advisor to Airtel, Advisor to HFCL, Advisor to NEC, Advisor to Gold Star, Advisor to Fijutsu, Advisor to Alcatel and Director Ministry of Communications in India. He has done many UN assignment in Europe and Japan with various companies including Phillips, NEC, Siemens, Anritsu, ECI, British Telecom, NTTPC Japan, France Telecom and many others.

He has expertise in different verticals Retail, Manufacturing, Banking, Insurance, Services, Security, Defense and Call Centers.

Other expertise areas:

  • Telecommunication Systems Design, Networking, Automation, Design Automation, High Order Filtration Techniques, Operating Systems.

  • Database Design, Distributed Database Architecture, Distributed Applications, Data Warehouse Design, Clustering of Databases.

  • Creating Multi-Dimensional Analysis Cube Structures, Creating Dimensions, Creating Custom Formulas, Integration of KPI’s, Calculations.

  • COM, DCOM, COM+, IIS 7, Clustering of Servers, Remote Data Integrations and Data Transformation.

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